I connected my streaming device into "HDMI IN" port of the Digital TV HUB(CM-7002), all I see is a black screen.

Power on your CM-7002 and confirm that the over the air TV or Cable TV signal is passing to your TV HDMI port.

Now connect your HDMI streaming device into the HDMI IN port on the back of your CM-7002.

Press the HDMI button on the CM-7002 Remote Control. You should now see the streaming device's user interface/GUI.  

If you are connecting a streaming device through the Digital TV HUB(CM-7002) and you see a black screen, there are two possible reasons. First, you have the HDMI cables in the wrong ports or second, the streaming device you are using may need to be turned on. 

Before checking to see if there is an issue with the streaming device or the Digital TV HUB(CM-7002) please check to make sure that you have the device connected properly. The streaming device should connect to the HDMI IN port on the back of your Digital TV HUB(CM-7002). Then, make sure that an HDMI cable runs to the TV, and from the HDMI out port on the Digital TV HUB(CM-7002). If this is all set correctly, proceed below. 

If you still see a black screen it is possible that the streaming device is turned off. This is very common among streaming sticks. With the streaming device remote control in hand press either the power button or the OK/SELECT button to wake up the streaming device. After a few seconds you should see your streaming device's interface appear on screen and you continue to use as normal. 

If for some reason you are still not able to see the user interface of the streaming device after connecting it properly to the Digital TV HUB(CM-7002), please contact Channel Master support for further help. 

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