How to Set Up a Manual Recording

There are a few reasons why the Manual Record feature is so great to have on the DVR+. If you are wanting to record a sporting event or a TV special that may go longer than the allotted time, setting up a manual recording is the best option because you can tell the DVR+ to record however long you want so you don’t miss anything if the show goes too long. If you are not connected to the internet and you want to create a recording with limited guide data, you can use the Manual Record feature to be sure you won’t miss your favorite shows.


Please follow the steps below to set up a Manual Recording:


  1. First you will need to find the show you will want to Manually Record.
  2. Make sure you know the specifics of the show you are going to Manually Record. This is the information you will need to know to set up the Manual Recording: Channel Number, Date of the Show, Start and End Time (this you can change to go extra if needed) and if you want the show to Repeat.
  3. Once you have the specifics of the show please go and find the time slot in the Guide and press the OK button on the DVR+ remote control.
  4. Once you have done this you will see a pop up and at the bottom you should see Create a Manual Recording. Navigate to this option and press OK on the DVR+ remote control.
  5. From this screen you will want to enter in the necessary information from step 2. You can also edit the Name of the Recording so you can find it in the recordings list easier.
  6. Once you have entered this information navigate down to the Create option on the pop up and you should see a red outline around the time slot you are recording in the guide. This means you have completed the manual record and you are finished.


If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact Channel Master support representatives.

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