How Do I Change the Audio Language on the Digital To Analog Converter Box (CM7003)

To change the audio language on the Digital to Analog Converter Box (CM7003) there are two options: Remote Control Method, and going through the Menu Option.

1. Remote Control Method

On the CM7003 remote control, press the Audio Button. This will bring up a pop up window. In this pop up window you should see different audio options. Using the navigational arrows, select the preferred audio language and press the OK button to confirm. Then once you are finished.  press the EXIT button to Save the change. 


2- Menu Option

Press the Menu button on your remote control. Navigate the menu with the arrow buttons on your remote, to "Options". Now navigate with the arrow buttons, down to "Audio Language". From here you can change the audio to your preferred language. Press "OK" and "Exit" to save the setting.


If you have any questions or issues with the audio language please contact a Channel Master representative for further help. 

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