After The Channel Scan On The Digital to Analog Converter Box (CM7003) I Have No Channels.

CM7003 Scanning for channels;
1. Press "Menu" on your remote. 
2. Navigate 2 times to the right, to the "Channel Search" screen.
3. Navigate down 4 times to "Signal Type".
4. Press OK on your remote to change the setting for "Air" or "Cable". Each time you press OK it will change. 
5. When the proper signal type is selected, navigate back up to "Auto Search" and press ok.
6. It will now scan for all available signals.

First, please check that you are connecting the coaxial cable into the proper RF connector/port. The Digital to Analog Converter Box(CM7003) has an "RF out" port and an "RF in" port. Connect your cable to the "RF IN" port and rescan the channels. 

If you checked the cable and you have the correct port connected,  verify that your cable is connected to a TV antenna or Unencrypted "Clear QAM" Cable TV signal.

If you use a TV Antenna, follow the cable to see if it is indeed connected to the antenna.

If you are using it with Clear QAM cable, you might need to check with your cable provider to see which Clear QAM are supposed to be on your cable. 

If you are still unable to scan channels please contact channel support for further help to resolve the issue. 

Please see the diagrams link attached below to help you understand how to connect a preamp in your antenna system.    



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