My Remote On Slingbox Does Not Control The DVR+(CM7500 CM-7500). How Can I Fix This?

How to Install a Custom Remote onto the Slingbox 

The Slingbox comes with several hundred remote control codes to operate thousands of different devices. Unfortunately, there are times that you may have a device that they do not support, or you have a remote control for a special device, like a surveillance camera.  In that case you need to install a custom remote code on the Slingbox to control your device. This article explains how to install custom remote BIN files on the Slingbox  It has 3 sections, one for the Slingbox M1 & M2, one for the Slingbox 350 & 500 (Now called SlingTV) and one for the older Slingboxes (Classic, AV, Pro, Solo, & Pro-HD), as they all use slightly different methods.

If you are not familiar with custom remote bin files they are specially made files that you can install onto your Slingbox for controlling devices that are not included in the supplied Slingbox remote controls. We have hundreds of them available, in our Download Pages for all sorts of devices. If you have tried the Slingbox supplied ones and can’t find one that works, we recommend you search our list and try one available there. If you do not see one for your device in the list you can check the JP1 forums that also carry a large number of Custom Remotes.

The remote files are called BIN files because the file-name extension ends in .bin (on may Windows machines they will show as being associated with VLC, you can ignore this). When downloading remote codes you may find several different codes contained in a Zip file. For example: S2010_PL.BIN and S2010_RV.BIN.   For most devices you will need only the xxxx_PL.BIN file.   The xxxx_RV.BIN file is used for older European Slingbox Solo models.  So if you have one of those you need to try both files just in case.  Note that you must NOT rename these files, it is essential the file name stays as issued. Below is the link to the BIN file you will need. 

Click on the link to download the BIN file. Channel Mater

 After obtaining an XXXXX_PL.BIN remote bin file and putting it somewhere on your computer Hard Drive (I recommend the root folder C: to make life easier), you should open up your web browser and navigate to Once there select the Slingbox you wish to setup then click on Settings.


On the next page click on Configure Inputs.


Now select the Input you wish to configure (The radio button with a black center). If the input has been previously configured then you will need to tap the ‘X’ next to the input to reset it or the Reset button at the bottom.


In this case I am going to configure the Composite input so I selected that, pressed the Reset button and then pressed the Next button.


Now work through the ZIP code and TV Provider screens.  Please note this has NOTHING to do with the remote, this is to setup your Program Guide.  For any non-US owners, these screens are irrelevant but you still have to complete them.  I use a ZIP code of 90210 (Beverly Hills) and select the ‘No provider’ option.   Then you move onto the next screen to actually setup the Remote.


So click on the Pick option to get the next screen.

First select the type of device.


This is NOT the type of device you are installing.  To get the right one, look at the BIN file code.  If it starts with an ‘S’ select Satellite, if it starts with a ‘C’ select Cable TV Box and if it starts with a ‘V’ select PVR.  NEVER select DVD, even if you have a DVD as this will result in a very poor Remote image.

The next step depends on the code number.  If your BIN file has a code between 2000-2047 (which will use the Default Remote image) then open the ‘Select Manufacturer’ drop down box, scroll down to the bottom and select Custom.


If the code is between 0000-1999 then open the ‘Select Manufacturer’ drop down box, select your Manufacturer or TV Provider, then when the ‘Select Model’ drop down appears scroll down to the bottom and select Custom.  This should give you a realistic remote image for the Manufacturer/TV provider


Then press Next.

Now type in the FULL pathname and filename for the BIN file you wish to install. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. You can see now why I suggest putting the BIN file into the root directory, so you don’t have to type in a long file path with the possibility of making mistakes.


Ensure you get the backslash correct (not a forward slash) and that everything is in upper case.

Now tap the TEST button to download the BIN file to the Slingbox.

If you get this error message then the first thing to realise is that it does not mean ‘Invalid Custom BIN file’.  It actually should read ‘Custom Remote BIN file not found’, so the likelihood is that you have not typed in the file path and file name correctly.


(Amazingly, the setup does not check the validity of the BIN file so We have no idea why Sling used this message, it makes no sense. )

Once you have the correct location typed in the system should now install the BIN file and then download the Sling Remote image as shown in the next screenshot. (That is the default image, for codes between 0000-1999 you should get your realistic image)


And if you test the buttons you should find it now operates your device.  And if you right-click on the image and select Custom you might find other buttons defined.  What each one represents will be covered in the Readme file you downloaded.


If the remote does not work go back to the checks I suggested at the beginning of this guide and see if they help.  Otherwise tap Next and then Watch and you are complete.


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