Unable to power-on DVR+ or get it to display on my 4K TV. (Black Screen) (CM-7500)

If you are having issues getting your new CM7500/DVR+ to display on the TV screen, or, are connecting your DVR+ to a different or new 4k TV, you may need to update the software.

This issue typically appears immediately after connecting your DVR+ to a new 4K TV (Typically Vizio and Samsung models).

Symptoms of this issue;

  • When connecting a new DVR+ to a 4K TV, you get a blank screen or 'No Signal' on your screen.
  • You experience no response to the remote control. 
  • If the DVR+ has already been set-up and working on another TV, but are upgrading to a new 4K TV, you get a blank screen or 'No Signal' on your screen.
  • You may be able to see live TV and change channels, but are unable to see any of the on-screen menus such as the Guide, Menu, and DVR screens.

We have implemented a fix that resolves these issues in our 132R version of software. (and higher) If this is a new purchase, it is still possible that you could experience these issues because there is no a guarantee that the unit you received has the newest software installed.  We release software frequently so not all DVR+ receivers will come with the newest software.

Here are the instructions for updating your software if you are experiencing this issue.

Options for customers with new DVR+ and/or 4K TV:

  • Option 1: Install the DVR+ on a 'non-4K' TV and complete the set-up wizard and connection to the internet. 
  • After the DVR+ is connected to the internet, go to Menu>Settings>Technical Info>Software Update>Check for download. If new software is available, the DVR+ will download and install. 
  • Once the new software update is complete, you can now re-connect the DVR+ to your 4K TV and it will display on your screen properly. 
  • It is recommended that you do a factory reset once the DVR+ is connected in its permanent location.  To perform a factory reset, go to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset>Default Factory Reset.
  • Option 2: Connect the DVR+ to a 'non 4k TV'. Install the new software on the DVR+ using a USB flash drive. 4GB to 8GB is recommended USB flash drive size. 
  • WIFI adaptor, Ethernet cable, and External Hard Drive must be disconnected prior to updating software.
  • To install the software via a USB flash drive you will need to download the software file from our website, place it on a USB flash drive and perform a 'Basic USB Update' on the DVR+.
  • The software file must be the only file or folder on the USB flash drive. 
  • Basic USB Update; While watching live TV, insert the USB Flash Drive into one of the empty USB ports.
  • You will see instructions on your TV when the USB Flash Drive is detected.
  • In some cases, the USB Flash Drive appears to be incompatible and update fails. For instructions and video on how to do a Forced Software Update, CLICK HERE.
  • NOTE; If you only have a 4k TV, then the 'Forced Software Update' is your only option.
  • After the software update is completed you can connect it to your 4k TV. 




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