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Why Are My 'Channel Master TV' Channels Buffering? DVR+ (CM-7500)

There are only a couple of reasons why a channel within Channel Master TV would buffer on the DVR+/CM7500. 

1- Slow internet on the user side.

2- A Technical issue on the host side. 

To test this issue there are a few things that we can do to see if it is something on the user side. First, if you are using Wifi, we recommend connecting with a hardline ethernet cable as this is a more sure set up. If you are only limited to using WiFi then there are few things we can do to make the connection stronger. 

First we will need to check the speed of your internet. To do this, please press guide on your remote control and go to channel 900 (Vudu). Launch the app and on the "Welcome To Vudu" screen select "Browse". Navigate to the right 5 times until you get to the Settings Sprocket, and press OK. Then, navigate down to Playback Quality and press OK. Once you are here, navigate down to Run Test and press OK. Press OK when start test is highlighted. Watch the green bar as the test is running. This will show you your internet speed. If it is close to 4.5Mbps, then you may see buffering while watching Channel Master TV. You will need to contact your internet provider to increase your speed or to fix any network issues. 

Second, if your internet speed is fine but you are still seeing issues with the channels buffering you may need to refresh the Channel Master TV lineup. To do this, press Menu on your Channel Master remote control. Then go to Settings and press OK. In the Settings Menu navigate to Channel Setup and press OK. Now navigate to internet channels and press OK. Then you will navigate to refresh channels and press OK. Please allow 5-10 minutes for this action to complete. You may experience some slow reaction/remote control lag, in the guide during this time. Now you can enjoy Channel Master TV. 

If you continue to experience buffering please contact Channel Master and let a support agent know. This may be an issue on the Host's side and so we will reach out to the host to try and resolve the issue. 


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