What Do The Apps On The DVR+ (CM7500) offer?


Each application offers more content. Some of these apps are free to use but others will require either a subscription or a one-time fee.

Vudu (900) - With Vudu you can get free content & rent or purchase Movies and TV shows. Vudu is always up to date with the latest movies and tv shows for your enjoyment. All you need is a Vudu account or a Walmart.com account and you can begin renting and watching your favorite movie or TV shows. Visit vudu.com for more information and FAQ’s.

Pandora (901) - With Pandora radio you can listen to all your favorite music. You don’t need a subscription to listen to Pandora, however with a monthly fee you get more control of your radio. Visit Pandora.com for more information and FAQ’s.

YouTube (902) - With the YouTube app you can stream all your favorite YouTube videos. YouTube is a free to use application and offers you unlimited videos and music. Visit youtube.com for more information and FAQ’s.




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