What Do The Apps On The DVR+ (CM7500) Offer?

Each application offers more content. Some of these apps are free to use but others will require either a subscription or a one-time fee.


Vudu (900) - With Vudu you can rent or purchase Movies and TV shows. Vudu is always up to date with the latest movies and tv shows for your enjoyment. All you need is a vudu account or a Walmart.com account and you can begin renting and watching your favorite movie or TV shows. Visit vudu.com for more information and FAQ’s.

Pandora (901) - With Pandora radio you can listen to all your favorite music. You don’t need a subscription to listen to Pandora, however with a monthly fee you get more control of your radio. Visit Pandora.com for more information and FAQ’s.

Youtube (902) - With the Youtube app you can stream all your favorite Youtube videos. Youtube is a free to use application and offers you unlimited videos and music. Visit youtube.com for more information and FAQ’s.

Sling TV (903) - With the Sling TV app and a monthly subscription you gain access to even more of your favorite channels. There is no contract and you can sign up or quit at anytime. Sling TV starts with a $20 basic package with channels such as ESPN, AMC, TNT and Disney. Sling TV also has other packages that you can add for an additional fee. Visit sling.com for more information, support and FAQ’s.

CMTV (200-899) - Also available is the CMTV™ app which allows users to enjoy additional entertainment and programming through the Channel Master TV service. Channel Master TV is an app-based linear internet channel platform built right into the guide that we offer to customers who have the DVR+ and an internet connection. The CMTV™ software and updates can be downloaded and activated through the settings menu.


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