Using Closed Captions DVR+ Software Version 134R and Higher (CM-7500)

 If you'd like to use the closed caption (CC) service, follow the instructions below. 

Do you know which software version you were on? This instruction is for software version 134r or higher. 
To confirm your software version on your CM-7500 go to Menu>Settings>Technical Info>Version>Software Version. Currently the software should be 135r as of December 2017.

Turn Close Captions On/Off

We'll have you do a couple of normally extra/unnecessary steps that will confirm that yes indeed you are turning the CC on, and also to help you understand how to navigate that menu("Navigate" is referring to using the navigation ring that is around the OK button and when using the newer remote the navigation buttons are the arrows around the OK/Select button).

  • On your remote, press CC or Audio CC button. Whichever button is on your remote.
  • Navigate to closed captions
  • OK
  • Navigate to captions
  • OK
  • Navigate to off
  • OK
  • Navigate to on
  • OK
  • Navigate left
  • Navigate down to caption service
  • OK
  • Navigate to digital CC2
  • OK
  • Navigate to digital CC1
  • OK
  • Navigate Left
  • Exit

Then go to a program you would like to watch and exit from the guide. Press info on the remote.
Check to see if CC is listed in the info banner. If yes, then press exit and the CC should begin to work.
If CC is not listed, then there will not be closed captions during that program. 

NOTE: Most commercials do not have CC info.


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