Locking A Recording on the DVR+ (CM7500)

1 Using the CM-7500/DVR+ remote control, press DVR.

2 On the DVR Recordings screen, use the arrow buttons on the

remote to highlight the program that you want to lock.

Then press OK/SELECT.

3 On the Recording Options pop-up, select Options.

4 On the Recorded Program Options screen, select Lock, press

the right arrow on the remote, and select the Lock option to

lock the recording. A locked recording cannot be deleted until

it’s unlocked with a PIN (numeric password).

5 If you haven’t set a PIN, you must enter and confirm one now

in order to lock a recording. If the recording has previously

been locked, you need to enter the current PIN to unlock it

before deleting it.

Note: If you lose or forget your PIN, please visit

support.channelmaster.com on your computer.

6 Press EXIT on the remote to return to live TV.

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