How To Adjust the Time and Zip Code Settings on DVR+ (CM-7500)

DVR+ Set Time and Date

Please go to Menu>Settings>Time & Date.

Zip Code should be orange.
If Zip Code number is correct, then no need to update.
If Zip Code is wrong, then press OK on the remote and enter the correct 5 digit Zip Code.
Zip Code should still be orange and the numbers should be white.
Zip Code is now correct.
Navigate arrow down to Time Zone, and once highlighted it will turn orange. 
If Time Zone is correct, then no need to update.
If Time Zone shows the wrong Time Zone, press OK button on remote>navigate to your Time Zone>press OK.
Time Zone is now correct and highlighted orange.
Navigate down to country and it turns orange. 
If country is correct, the no need to change.
If country is wrong, press OK on the remote. 
Navigate to your country and press OK on your remote. country is still orange.


DVR+ Set Auto Time & Date/Auto Apply Daylight Saving
Navigate down to Auto Time & Date it will turn orange.
If Auto Time and Date has the yellow dot next to it, then just push the exit button. You're done. 
If Auto Time & Date does not have the yellow dot, then press the OK button on the remote and the dot will turn yellow. Press the exit button on your remote. You're done.

Navigate down to Auto Apply Daylight Saving Time, press the OK button to enable or disable. 
Auto apply Daylight Saving Time is still orange.


DVR+ Set Date & Time Manually
Navigate down to time and press OK.
Navigate up or down to enter the correct hour.
Navigate right and the minutes digits turn orange. Navigate up or down to enter the right minute. It is still orange.
Navigate right to enter AM or PM by navigating up or down.
Navigate left, 3 times. The other categories are white now and time.
Navigate down to date and select. The month turns orange.
Navigate Up/Down to select month.
Navigate right to select the date.
Navigate Up/Down to select date.
Navigate right to the Year.
Navigate Up/Down to select the year.
Press OK, and you are done.
Press Exit button on remote to return to live TV.


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