DVR+ (CM-7500) Automatic Software Update (Internet)

When connected to the internet, the DVR+(CM-7500) will automatically detect and download the newest version of software available.  When the DVR+(CM-7500) detects a new version of software you will be prompted with an on-screen message asking you to confirm starting the installation at that time.  If you cancel the download at that time you will be prompted again in 24 hours.  After 4 attempts the DVR+(CM-7500) will start a software download and install the latest version.  To avoid interruption while watching or recording a program, it's recommended that you confirm and install the update at your convenience before the software update takes place.  If you have previously canceled the on-screen software update message but are now ready to perform the update, simply press Menu>Settings>Technical Info>Software Updates>Check for Download.  If a new update is available the DVR+(CM7500) will display and give you the option to confirm and initiate the download and installation of the new software.

Although not required, we suggest a factory reset after updating software.  For instructions on how to update software, Click Here.

! If you are having a download failure or trouble downloading over a WiFi connection, please try connecting your DVR+ directly to your router or modem with an Ethernet Cable as WiFi is not always reliable for an uninterrupted download of a software update.  Click Here for more info.

You can find the Quick Start Guide and the complete User Guide here

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