How to Perform a Factory Reset DVR+ (CM7500)

Factory Reset Instructions
This procedure will return your DVR+ back to its original factory settings as it was the day it was first installed. The factory reset will remove your recording schedule and all of the personal options you have set but will not affect the recordings already on your hard drive. 

Using your remote control press Menu and select Settings from the drop down menu.  Then select Settings>Factory Reset> Default Factory Reset.

Once the factory reset is complete, your CM-7500/DVR+ will power back on to the Setup Wizard.  Complete the Setup Wizard including Scanning Channels.  When the Setup Wizard is complete, your DVR+ will detect any connected external hard drives, Wifi adapters or Ethernet connection and automatically set them up.  Live TV will appear and you have successfully completed the Factory Reset.



Custom Factory Reset Instructions  
Selecting Custom Factory reset will take you to a sub menu where you can select which features you wan to reset on the DVR+. Use the navigation pad to arrow up or down to select the particular setting you want to reset. Once that setting is highlighted press the OK button to change it from YES to NO or from NO to YES. Once you have selected the settings you would like to reset using the navigation pad arrow down to confirm and press OK.
The custom reset options are explained below.


Reset Configuration Settings- This will delete personal settings including scheduled recordings and parental control settings. Please note this will delete all previously scanned channels and the Setup Wizard will re-scan your antenna channels once the DVR+ restarts. Your recordings will not be deleted as part of this process.


Reset Internet Channel Settings- This will deactivate your Channel Master TV account and delete all your internet channels.


Reset Streaming Service Settings- This will detach you from all your streaming application user accounts. You will then need to login to each application and link them to the DVR+


Reset Recordings- This will reformat your selected storage device. All the recordings on the device will be deleted.

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