Controlling The Input For An Audio Device DVR+ CM-7500, 2nd generation remote CM-7500XRC2

Follow this procedure to program the INPUT button on the CM7500 remote to control your audio device’s inputs instead of controlling your TV’s


Note : Before following this procedure, you must first program

your remote to control your audio device, as described on the

previous pages in this section.

1  Press and hold the SETUP  button until the OFF/ON  button

blinks twice, then release the button.

2  Press and release the INPUT  button.

3  Press and release the Green (AUD)  button. The Power On/Off button will blink twice to indicate that the programming has been changed.

Note; If you wish to revert input control back to your TV, repeat this

procedure and press the Red (TV)  button instead of the

Green (AUD)  button in step 3.

CM-7500TB1 CM-7500GB16  CM7500GB16 CM7500TB1 CM-7500 CM7500  

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