Recording A Series on the DVR+ (CM7500)

 If you have a favorite show that’s on every week, the CM-7500/DVR+ allows

you to record the show as a series with new episodes rather than

any repeats that may air on other channels. This feature also puts

your recordings for a show into a folder for easy access from the

DVR+ main menu. Follow this procedure to record a series.

1  On the remote control, press GUIDE  and select the show that

you want to record.

2  On the Program Options pop-up, select Record the Program .

3  Select Record All Programs with this name  and press

OK/SELECT . You then have the option to view, edit, or delete

the series recording.

CM-7500TB1 CM-7500GB16  CM7500GB16 CM7500TB1 CM-7500 CM7500   

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