How do I test the issues with MoCa Network Adapter Kit (CM6000), Coaxial Network Adapter 1 Port (CM6001) and the Four Port MoCa Network Adapter (CM6004)?

One of the most common MoCA issues can be issues with the in-home setup.  One crossed cable can cause the entire system to fail.  Uninstall CM-600x from your in-home setup and perform the "test setup below" to determine if the Channel Master equipment itself is working as deigned.

The CM-6001 and CM-6004 are interchangeable and can be used as Masters or Slaves units.
See page 13 in the User Guide.

Test Setup
Lay out the test system connections on a table (or floor) near your Router. Do not use the cabling in you walls for this testing. You'll need 1 spare Coax cable for this testing.
1. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the 1st/Master CM600X. (CM-6001 or CM-6004)
a. Connect to "Ethernet" port on a CM-6001 or, connect to Port 1, 2, 3, or 4 on a CM-6004.
2. Connect a Coax cable to the "Cable In" connector of that 1st/Master CM600X device,
3. Connect the other end of that coax cable to the "Cable In" on the 2nd/Slave CM600X device.
4. Now connect an Ethernet cable to an Ethernet port on the 2nd/Slave CM600X device. (Any Ethernet port that is available.)
5. Connect the other end of that Ethernet cable to a computer or other device and confirm Ethernet/Internet connection.
Indicator Lights;
Power light should be solid Green.
cLINK light should be solid Green.
Network light should be Green and show activity/traffic, flashes.
If you are using a CM-6004 as a Master or Slave unit, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 will show activity/traffic if a device is connected to that port.
All of the ports on any CM-6004 should be active whether it is used as a Master or a Slave device.

If all of the above functions as stated, this would suggest that the problem is with your "In-Home" setup.  Please check your the connections in your "In-Home" setup and make sure it matches the "Test" setup configuration as listed above.

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