How do I intstall the USB WiFi adapter to my DVR+(CM-7500)?

If this is a first time setup, we recommend completely setting up your DVR+(CM-7500) before connecting your Wi-Fi to your DVR+(CM-7500). 

1. Connect your antenna, power cable' and HDMI to your television.

2. The DVR+(CM-7500) will walk you through the set-up and scanning channels.

3. Once the DVR+(CM-7500) is set up and you have a live TV channel displayed on your screen, now plug in your USB Wi-Fi adaptor to one of the open USB ports on the back of the DVR+(CM7500).

4. A few seconds after the WIFI adaptor is plugged in the DVR+(CM-7500) will recognize it and Walk you through the set-up of your Wi-Fi network connection.  Select your network Router name, and type in your password and when connected your DVR+(CM7500) will almost be ready for use.

DVR+ WIFI Signal Quality;
Press Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Network Setup>Wireless Setup>Scan, this meter towards the bottom of the screen should be all green and not fluctuating. Use a USB extension cable to position your WIFI adaptor for optimum signal reception.
Also be certain that both "Wireless" and "Internet" both say "Connected" .

In the event that you've already plugged in your USB Wi-Fi before plugging in and finishing the setup wizard and you are having issues getting the adapter set-up, please unplug your Wi-Fi adapter and try doing a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset.  Once you start the factory reset, then follow steps 2-4 as listed above.

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