How do I Install the USB Wi-Fi Adapter to my DVR+? (CM-7500)

Installing the WIFI adapter to your DVR+.

  1. Disconnect the DVR+ power cord for a 10-15 seconds.
  2. Reconnect the power cord and allow the DVR+ to boot back up to live TV.
  3. With no on screen menus up, connect the Wi-Fi adapter to the back of your DVR+.
  4. Follow on screen prompts and instructions to connect your DVR+ to your in-home network.
  5. You will need to have your in-home Wi-Fi password ready during the process if this is the first time setup.  

If this is a first time setup, we recommend completely setting up your DVR+ (CM-7500) before connecting the Wi-Fi adapter to your DVR+(CM-7500). 

  1. Connect your antenna, power cable and HDMI cable between your television and DVR+.
  2. The DVR+ (CM-7500) will walk you through the set-up including scanning for local channels.
  3. Once the DVR+ (CM-7500) is set up and you have a live TV channel displayed on your screen, now plug in your USB Wi-Fi adapter to one of the open USB ports on the back of the DVR+ (CM-7500).
  4. A few seconds after the Wi-Fi adapter is plugged in the DVR+ (CM-7500), your DVR+ will recognize the Wi-Fi adapter and walk you through the setup of your Wi-Fi network connection. 
  5. Select your network name, and type in your password.
  6. Once connected to your network, you can check to make sure the connection is strong between your DVR+ (CM-7500) and in-home network. 
  7. Press Menu>Settings>Network Setup>Wireless Setup>Scan, this meter towards the bottom of the screen should be all green and not fluctuating. If you are seeing the meter fluctuate then you may need to use a USB extension cable to position your WIFI adapter for optimum signal reception.
    Also be certain that both Wireless Connection Status and Internet Connection Status both say Connected .

In the event that you've already plugged in your USB Wi-Fi before plugging in and finishing the setup wizard and you are having issues getting the adapter set-up, please unplug your Wi-Fi adapter and try doing a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset.  Once you start the factory reset, then follow steps 2-4 as listed above.


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