How do I install an external Hard Drive to my DVR+(CM-7500)?

We recommend completely setting up your DVR+(CM-7500) before connecting your External Hard Drive to your DVR+(CM7500). 

1. Plug in your antenna and power cable and HDMI to your television.

2. The DVR+(CM-7500) will walk you through the set-up and scanning channels. If this is a first time setup or you have just completed a Default Factory Reset.

3. Once the DVR+(CM-7500) is set up and you have a live TV channel displayed on your screen, plug your USB hard drive into one of the open USB ports on the back of the DVR+(CM-7500).

4. A few seconds after the hard drive is plugged in the DVR+(CM-7500) will recognize it and format it for use. Watch the TV for installation prompts. There are 3 steps and before it will move on to the next step, you'll need to press the OK button on your remote. Wait for this to complete and when done your DVR+(CM-7500) will be ready for use.

If you've connected the External Hard Drive prior to completing the setup, proceed as follows. 

  • Please disconnect the power from the DVR+.
  • Physically disconnect the External Hard Drive from the DVR+.
  • Connect the power to the DVR+ and allow it to boot up to live TV. 
  • Now reconnect the External Hard Drive to the DVR+ and follow the on screen prompts.

If you still have hard drive issues;

Please unplug your hard drive and try doing a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset.  Once you finish the factory reset, then follow the installation steps listed above.


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