How To Install an External Hard Drive on My DVR+ (CM-7500)

If you've connected an external hard drive prior to completing the setup please proceed as follows:

  1. Please disconnect the power from the DVR+.
  2. Physically disconnect the current external hard drive from your DVR+.
  3. Now reconnect the power to the DVR+ and allow it to boot up to live TV. 
  4. Finally, please reconnect the external hard drive to the DVR+ and follow the on screen prompts.

If you still have hard drive issues please unplug your hard drive and try doing a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset.  Once you finish the factory reset has completed successfully proceed through the setup wizard. Once you have completed the setup wizard, please connect your external hard drive on the back of your DVR+ and follow the on-screen prompts to connect. 

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