Why is my DVR+(CM-7500) is having trouble connecting to my network/internet?

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, receiving guide data, or streaming VUDU please try the following steps.  Even if your DVR+(CM-7500) is saying you are connected to the network, one of the below issues may be a problem preventing actual connection to the internet.

Please try connecting to Vudu to ensure internet is indeed connected. If it will not load Vudu, you are probably not connected.

After confirming that you are truly not connected, please try the following quick fix steps.

Hard Wired Ethernet Set-Up:

1. Check to make sure your Ethernet cable is securely inserted in the DVR+(CM-7500) port and in the router/modem at the other end.

2. Try connecting to a different port on your modem/router as there may be an issue with the current port.

3. To determine that your Ethernet cable is not defective, try plugging in another device such as a computer to that same cable and see if it works.  If not, we recommend replacing your cable.

4. Sometimes a software glitch can happen which can cause the DVR+(CM-7500) not to recognize the network.  As an attempt to resolve this, disconnect your Ethernet cable and complete a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings>Factory Reset.  The DVR+ will walk your through the entire set-up again.  Once set-up is complete and a video signal is displayed on the screen, now plug in your Ethernet cable and wait about 10 minutes.  After waiting 10 minutes, go in the guide and try to launch the VUDU application.  If the application launches, this indicates you are connected.  Once you are connected you will also start to see station Icon's next to some of the channel numbers in the guide and for major channels you should be able to proceed through the guide and see 14 days of information.

5. Double check our firewall settings.  There can be a firewall that is turned on that is allowing the other devices to access the internet but no the DVR+(CM-7500)

6. If none of the above steps work, please contact your internet service provider.

Wireless USB Adapter Set-Up:

1. Ensure your Wifi adapter is securely inserted in one of the available USB ports.  When located in a cabinet or no visibility to the back of the unit, it's easy to mistake the Ethernet port for a USB port as the adapter will slide right in, double check that this is not the case.

2. Does your "SSID" or network name contain apostrophes or symbols? If so, DVR+(CM-7500) will not recognize them and will need to set the network name to only numbers and letters.

3. Are you connected to a "Guest" setting on your network? If so, there are security settings that will block the DVR+ from connecting. Try connecting to the main SSID/Network Name.

4. Make sure the DVR+(CM-7500) is located at least 12" away from other electronics as they could cause interference.  When the DVR+(CM-7500) is located in close proximity to other electronics, behind a TV or in an enclosed space you may experience WiFi signal issues.  In those scenarios we recommend USB extension cable that may increase your Wifi signal when the adapted is re-located away from other equipment or outside of the cabinet. These cables are fairly inexpensive and typically available at most electronic stores.

5.  Another option that typically works is to start fresh.  Disconnect your Hard Drive and your Wifi adapter an perform a factory reset by going to Menu>Settings> Factory Reset.  This will not delete your recordings but it will clear your scheduled events.  Once you confirm the factory reset it will walk you through the entire set-up wizard again.  Once the channel scan is complete and the unit is displaying a video signal on the screen once again, now plug in your Wi-Fi adapter.  Once it is plugged in, wait a few seconds and it will walk you through the set-up process if your software is on 114R or newer.  If it does not walk you through the set-up process go into Menu>Settings>Network Settings and select Wi-Fi.  Then select your network name and enter your password.  Once you enter your password it could take several minutes for the user interface to display that internet is connected.  Exit the menu, go to the guide and try to load the Vudu app.  If this application loads, that confirms your DVR+ is connected to the internet.  Once connected it could take several minutes to download all of the guide data.

6. If none of the above steps work, please contact your internet service provider.


If your device says it is connected to the network but not the internet, this is usually because of a software glitch or it could be caused by low Wifi Signal, to correct this issue try steps 4 & 5 as listed above under "Wireless USB Adapter Setup".


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