What is the DVR+(CM-7500) remote code for my universal remote control?

Unfortunately we do not have device codes for your non-DVR+ remote.  These code numbers are not set by us, but are set by the manufacturer of the universal remote control.  Remote control Code Brokers provide the line commands for each individual key and the Remote manufacturer bundles them up and create a code that will work with their device. 

Logitech/Harmony remotes do have our codes available to download to any of their Harmony remotes. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/harmony-universal-remotes 

Please contact the remote control manufacturer for more information.  In many cases they will have a code list in their instruction manual or on their website.

CM-7500TB1 CM-7500GB16  CM7500GB16 CM7500TB1 CM-7500 CM7500  

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