Why is my DVR+ running sluggish and takes several seconds to respond to remote commands? (CM-7500 CM7500)

Much like a PC, many times there is processing that is happening in the background that can cause a delay in Remote Command response time.  'Remote Lag'.  We are continually working on optimizations that will further improve the response times but unfortunately patience is the only recommendation we can give on dealing with a couple second delays or less.  It's also important to note that when guide data is updating, you will experience a small delay in remote control responsiveness.  Please wait for the download to complete and the DVR+(CM7500) should regain responsiveness.

If the delays are upwards to 15 seconds or greater, you may be experiencing a software corruption that can happen from time to time.  If this is the case, we highly recommend a factory reset to solve this issue. Below are the steps:

Menu>Settings>Factory Reset> Then wait for the factory reset to complete. Also, if you are connected to the internet, wait about 60 minutes after connecting to the internet for your guide data to download completely.

Another problem that can cause severe Remote Control Lag is the Hard Drive.

CM-7500GB16; Physically disconnect the external hard drive from the DVR+. Now disconnect power from the DVR+ for 10 seconds. Now you can reconnect power, but do not connect the External Hard Drive. Try to recreate the remote lag. If the lag is no longer present, you can reconnect your External Hard Drive and test again. If it once again has the remote lag, then you must suspect the hard drive to be bad or going bad.

CM-7500TB1 with internal 1TB Hard Drive; The only thing you can try. That is the Default Factory Reset. If after the Default Factory Reset, teh lag continues, you can suspect your internal Hard Drive. 

Lets check your Internal Hard Drive with a DST.

Testing your internal hard drive.

1. Press Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Technical Info>STB Health> Now, press number buttons 3, 1, 7, 9.>Select "DST Short Test". 

a. It will begin to test shortly, displaying blue and red light on the front panel. 

b. You will see the DVR+ screen during the test.

c. When the test is complete, the DVR+ front panel light will blink Blue or blink Red. (Pass or Fail)

d. The test results are also documented in the DVR+ internal log.

e. If it blinks Red, that indicates the internal hard drive has a problem and will not operate normally. (You will need to unplug from power to end the DST.)

f. If failed out of warranty, you can use an external Hard Drive by connecting it to one of the USB ports on the rear of the DVR+. At this time, 2017-2018, we only recommend the Toshiba HDTB310XK3AA.

g. If failed within 1 year warranty period, contact us with that Red Blink test result. 

h. If it blinks Blue, that indicates it did not encounter any issues during the Short Test.

2. After the DST test has completed, blinking Blue , unplug the DVR+ from power, then plug it back in to continue.

If the DST test passes (Blinking Blue) then continue.

Default Factory Reset;

1. Please disconnect your External Hard Drive and WIFI adaptor prior to the Default Factory Reset. (If you are using one.)
2. Please perform a Default factory reset by pressing Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Factory Reset>Default Factory Reset.
a. This will erase your personal settings, Series schedules, and Passwords. 
b. This will not erase your recordings. 
c. Follow the on screen prompts and allow it to boot-up to live TV.
3. Now you can reinstall your External Hard Drive. 
a. Now you can reinstall your WIFI adaptor.
4. Begin using as normal.

CM-7500GB16 CM-7500TB1 CM7500GB16 CM7500TB1 CM-7500 CM7500

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