Why is my DVR+ External Hard Drive not Working Correctly? (CM-7500)

Channel Master does not provide support or guarantee that all external hard drives will function properly with the DVR+ (CM-7500).  If you are using a hard drive other than one specified by Channel Master, please ensure there is no special formatting and there is no special management or partitioning software on the hard drive as it may cause issues.  One thing to also note is that any storage device less than 80GB plugged into the DVR+ (CM-7500) USB port will not be recognized for storage.  Storage devices less than 80GB can cannot be used as storage.

While many off the shelf hard drives will work with the DVR+ (CM-7500), it is impossible for us to test and certify every different hard drive that exists.  This being said, we recommended that you use our recommended hard drive.

Storage capacity/recording hours is dependent on the external USB hard drive connected to the DVR+(While many other external hard drives will work with the DVR+, Channel Master can not guarantee that all other external hard drives will be compatible.)

We recommend;

  • 1TB Toshiba EHD ( HDTB310XK3AA )
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