Why is DVR+(CM-7500) not receiveing 14 days of Guide on a few channels?


When connected to the internet, the DVR+(CM7500) will list up to 14 days of guide data for channels associated with the TV Market Zip code that you entered in the set-up wizard.  Channels that are not associated with this zip code according to Rovi (data provider) will only display the guide data sent over the air by the broadcaster. 


Note: Channel Master does not guarantee the 14 day guide. Many demographics will have 14 days on all channels, however not all demographics are guaranteed to have the full 14 days. If you only see roughly 2 days of guide information on a channel, this means that Rovi (data provider) does not have this information. If you are receiving no information on a channel please contact our support team and they can further assist you to troubleshoot the problem.

 You can find the Quick Start Guide and complete User Guide here

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