Why am I Getting a Message Stating "A Fault Has Occurred with Your Storage Device" DVR+ (CM-7500TB1)

It is possible that your DVR+(CM-7500) has suffered an operational failure. You can watch live TV but you will not be able to record programs or watch existing recordings. Powering off and powering on the DVR+(CM7500) will start a recovery process on the hard disk drive that may cure the problem. However, if this does not resolve the problem, you may need to re-initialize the hard drive. 
To initialize the hard drive:
Press: “Main Menu”
Select: “DVR”
Select: “DVR Setup”
Select: “Re-Initialize HDD” and press “OK” to confirm.
Note: re-initializing the hard disk drive will result in loss of all your content currently stored.
Please see the User Guide for detailed instructions.

If you continue to experience Storage Errors, then continue.

Default Factory Reset;
1. Please disconnect your External Hard Drive and WIFI adaptor prior to the Default Factory Reset. (If you are using one.)
2. Please perform a Default factory reset by pressing Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Factory Reset>Default Factory Reset.
a. This will erase your personal settings, Series schedules, and Passwords. 
b. This will not erase your recordings. 
3. Follow the on screen prompts and allow it to boot-up to live TV.
4. Now you can reinstall your External Hard Drive. 
a. Now you can reinstall your WIFI adaptor.
4. Begin using as normal.

If you continue to experience Storage Errors, then continue.

Testing your internal hard drive. You can not perform this test if your DVR+ is recording or you are playing a recording.
1. Press Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Technical Info>STB Health> Now, press number buttons 3, 1, 7, 9>Select "DST Short Test". 
a. It will begin to test shortly, displaying blue and red light on the front panel while testing. 
b. You will see the DVR+ screen during the test.
c. When the test is complete, the DVR+ front panel light will blink Blue or blink Red. (Pass or Fail)
d. The test results are also documented in the DVR+ internal log.
e. If it blinks Red, that indicates the internal hard drive has a problem and will not operate normally. (You will need to unplug from power to end the DST.)
f. If failed out of warranty, you can use an external Hard Drive by connecting it to one of the USB ports on the rear of the DVR+. 
g. If failed within 1 year warranty period, reply to this email with that Red Blink test result. Do not try to reinitialize again. We need to see the Fault/Storage error upon arrival here. 
h. If it blinks Blue, that indicates it did not encounter any issues during the Short Test.
2. After the DST test has completed, blinking Blue , unplug the DVR+ from power, then plug it back in to continue.

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