My DVR+ does not switch on and appears to have no power? (CM7500)

Please check that the AC Power adapter is plugged in to the power outlet, that the 12V connector is properly connected to the back of the CM-7500/DVR+ and that the power outlet is switched ON.
If the problem persists, please ensure that there is power running to your outlets, try a different power outlet and a different room. Power failures are rare unless there has been a power surge to your equipment. Common losses of power are faulty surge protectors or local power outages. Check that any wall switches or power strips that are powering your DVR+ are on and functioning correctly and if you’re using a power strip please plug the box directly into a wall outlet. Check that the front panel powers the box and shows light activity. If not then press the power button on the front panel to see if the DVR+ powers up. Please note that it can take up to 2 minutes for the reboot process to be completed.
Note: we recommend that any power issues in your home are investigated by a fully qualified electrician.

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