My DVR+ Does not Switch On and Appears to Have No Power (CM-7500)

First, you'll want to check that the AC power adapter is securely plugged in to a power outlet. Next, you'll want to check that the 12V connecter is properly securely connected to the back of the DVR+ (CM-7500). Also, If you have the AC power adapter plugged into a power strip, please make sure that the power strip is switched ON.

The led light on the front of your DVR+ will be dim when in standby mode, and will be bright when the DVR+ is on. If the problem persists, please ensure that there is power running to your outlets by trying another device in that outlet.

DVR+ power failures are rare unless there has been a power surge to your equipment. Common losses of power are faulty surge protectors or local power outages.

Note: We recommend that any power issues in your home are investigated by a fully qualified electrician.


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