How To Check the Signal Strength and Signal Quality of a Certain Channel on my DVR+ (CM-7500)

How To Check Signal Strength and Signal Quality of a Specific Channel

1. Before checking your signal on a certain channel, make sure that you are not recording anything or it may actually be showing a different channel/signal.
2. Tune your DVR+ (CM-7500) to any channel that is important to you and you'd want to check the signal strength and quality. 
3. Press the exit button on the remote so you are viewing live TV and no on screen menu's are present. 
4. Now press the Channel Up button on your remote until you reach the next higher primary channel(If on 13.1, do not change to the next sub channel (13.2)).
5. Now press the Channel Down button to return to the channel that you want to view/check the Signal Strength & Quality. You now can be certain that the signals you monitor are for that specific channel.

6. Now, using your DVR+ remote; Press, Menu>Select Settings>Technical Info>Signals & Network info> 
7. You can now observe the two signal meters. If either are fluctuating, then you could expect some reception issues. 
8. The Network ID will indicate the Real/RF channel that is being received/transmitted. Not necessarily the same channel number as what is in the guide(Virtual number).
a. You can now confirm your RF Channel/Transmit Channel number(Network ID), compared with your Virtual Channel Number. Document that Network ID number in case you need to communicate with us about that channel.
10. The meters will be showing the signal Strength and Signal Quality for whichever TV channel you are presently tuned to/watching.
11. To make this a dependable signal, you should monitor the signal meters for optimum signal strength and especially Signal Quality, while you re-orient the antenna direction.
12. Pay special attention to the Signal Quality. If it is fluctuating, then that can be the issue. Keep in mind, if quality is fluctuating, the meter readings are not instantaneous. It may momentarily go down to ~35 on the meter screen, but may actually be dropping to 0. The meter is just not fast enough to register that.

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