After plugging the DVR+ into the power outlet it takes a long time to start up.(CM-7500 CM7500)

Press  (On/Standby button) either on the CM-7500 remote or on the front panel. Please be patient, the DVR+ may take about a minute to initialize (boot up) and show video. Particularly if it has just received a new software download.

Unplug your DVR+ from power and make sure that your TV is powered on. 
Connect your DVR+ to a known good HDMI cable, connected to a known good HDMI port on your TV. (Not through an AV Receiver or HDMI switcher.)

When you plug your DVR+ into power, you should see/experience the following sequence. (Similar) 
1. Front panel light is solid red and an image on screen of DVR+ with black background. Aprox 20 seconds. CM-7500TB1 my take longer.
2. Front panel light goes out and you'll see a blank screen for about 20 seconds. CM-7500TB1 my take longer.
3. Blinking Blue front panel light and an image of spinning gears. The image may go a way for a moment and then return.
4. Solid Blue front panel light and you should see live TV or the on screen User Interface.
5. In some instances, the DVR+ will revert to standby mode after the soft reset. The light will be dim. You will need to turn the DVR+ back on to continue.

CM-7500GB16 CM-7500TB1 CM7500GB16 CM7500TB1 CM-7500 CM7500

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