Using the Coaxial Cable Compression Connector Installation Kit (CM-7170)

Note; New part number is (CM-7170) but the instructions are the same.

The proper installation of F connectors onto coaxial cable is necessary to ensure the best possible performance.  Poorly installed connectors can result in picture tiling, blocking, and even complete loss of signal.  Poorly installed connectors can also result in water getting into the connection when installed outdoors.  The (CM-3309) Coaxial Cable Compression Connector Installation Kit provides everything you need to make a high quality installation of a connector onto RG6 coaxial cable (different size cables will require connectors and preparation tools designed for that size coaxial cable). 

The (CM-3309) includes a coaxial cable preparation tool, a (PCTECNCT) compression tool, and ten (PCTTRS6) compression connectors.  To install a connector onto RG6 coaxial cable, please follow the steps listed below:

1.  Prepare the end of the coaxial cable by using the preparation tool.  To do this, open the jaws of the tool and place the coaxial cable into the slot from the left, making sure the end of the cable is flush with the right side of the tool.



2.  Press down and turn the tool 5 to 8 times in the direction of the arrow.  Then pull the tool off of the cable.  This should have left end of the cable with approximately ¼” of the center conductor exposed, and an additional ¼” of the jacket removed from the braid.  (On the back of the preparation tool, there are four length gages marked as 4, 6, 8, and 12.  The length of both the center conductor and the length of the exposed tape/braid should be at least as long as 6, and preferably close to 8.)



3.  If you are using tri-shield cable, remove the outer layer of foil.  If you are using quad-shield cable, carefully brush the braid evenly back from the outer layer of foil and remove the foil.



4.  It is important that you do NOT remove the braid from the cable.  Instead, carefully brush the braid evenly back and away from the dielectric and inner layer of foil.  Verify that no braid is touching the center conductor.



5.  Carefully guide the center conductor and foam dielectric into the compression connector post.



6.  Insert the cable until the foam dielectric is flush with the end of the post.  You can use a small rocking motion on the cable to ease the installation, but avoid rotating the cable as it may cause the braid to bunch up inside the cable.



7.  Insert the connector and cable into the compression tool.



8.  Compress the connector by closing the handle.



That’s it – you have successfully installed a compression connector onto a coaxial cable. 

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