How To Install and Select Guy Wires (CM-9081)

Consistent, safe support of antenna installations over 10 feet above the uppermost wall bracket or roof mount depend on how well the guy wires are installed. The correct installation procedure is relatively simple. However, only the best quality materials and careful installation will provide sturdy, safe, long-lasting support.

 Guy Wire Installation

The materials needed for a standard guy wire installation are: guy wires, guy ring(s), screw eye, and turnbuckles. Six-strand 18 or 20 gauge galvanized steel guy wire is recommended for general use(The 18 gauge wire is recommended for high-wind areas and installations over 20 ft. above the uppermost support.).

 Standard antenna masts (10 feet in height) require only one set of three guy wires.  Telescoping masts generally require 4 guy wires for each 10 foot section. This will give the extra strength required for most installations.

 The guy wires are attached to the upper half of each mast section with a guy ring and clamp. The ring and clamp are fitted to the mast before the antenna is attached. The mast ends of the guy wires are run through holes in the guy ring. The wire then is wrapped around itself at least six times (Figure 1).


 Ideally, the guy wires should extend out from the mast at a 45° angle, and should be anchored in screw eyes placed 120° apart (Figure 2). If four guy wires are used, they should be anchored in screw eyes 90° apart. Be sure each screw eye is firmly anchored in solid wood at least five feet from the base of the mast. After the guy wires are installed, cover each screw eye with roofing tar.


 Attach fully-extended turnbuckles to guy wires about a foot from each screw eye (Figure 3). Run the screw eye ends of the wires through the eyes and pull the wires equally taut. Be sure the mast remains vertical during this procedure. Wrap each wire around itself at least six times.


The final tightening of the guy wires is accomplished by rotating the turnbuckles with a screwdriver. Do not make the wires too tight, because the installation must give a little against wind force.  If the installation requires more than one set of guy wires, use separate screw eyes for each wire. A single screw eye may not be anchored solidly enough to hold two or more guy wires. A good quality screw eye should be used, and it should be at least 5” long and 5/16” in diameter. For guying a tall ground-mounted mast, use heavy-duty ground stakes.




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