Recorded events are missing.

Recorded events are missing.

Another user has deleted the recordings from the CM-7000PAL DVR. The CM-7000PAL DVR is being power cycled or reset.

Set Locks on the CM-7000PAL DVR to prevent recorded events from being deleted. Do not connect the CM-7000PAL DVR to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, or power off the surge protector.


1. Press the DVR button and select Daily Schedule for the Schedule List. Select the scheduled event that is missing to view whether the event was deleted, skipped, or canceled.

Deleted By User

If the event was deleted by another user, there is no way to recover the event. To avoid this from happening again, protect recordings by selecting the Protect option when setting up the timer.

Deleted By Copy Protection

At this time only content on HBO and Cinemax is "protected". There will be no special way to tell if any one particular show is protected by Copy Protection until a recording is attempted.

Not deleted by user or Copy Protection

2. In the My Recordings menu, were the recordings sorted differently?

3. To go back to the previous sort selection, press the Swap button on the remote. Did the recording appear?

Troubleshooting has been completed.


4. Unplug the CM-7000PAL DVR from the AC electrical outlet, plug the CM-7000PAL DVR back in and power it on.

5. If the problem persists please contact us or a local independent retailer for additional assistance.
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