Why doesn’t my CM7000PAL respond to the remote control?

Press the 0 button on the remote control and watch the TV, PAL, VCR, and AUX buttons at the top of the remote.  If the remote is functioning correctly, a red LED will light up under one of these buttons when the 0 button is pressed.

  • If the TV, VCR, or AUX buttons flashed, this means you are in the wrong mode.  You will need to press the PAL button in order to return to the mode that will communicate with the CM-7000PAL.  The remote control has four separate modes that are able to control functions of four different devices.  These modes switch from one to another easily by pressing the TV, VCR, PAL, or the AUX buttons.  Once one of these buttons are pushed, the remote will stay in that respective mode until an alternate mode button is pressed.  Many times these modes get changed by accident when the remote gets sat on or a small child has access to it.
  • If none of the buttons on the top of the remote flashed (TV, VCR, PAL, or AUX), this typically suggests that the batteries are low or they are installed incorrectly.  In this case, we suggest that you check that the batteries are installed correctly and replace them if necessary.  Please remember to match the flat side of the battery to the spring side in the remote.
  • If the PAL button flashes when the “0” button is pressed, this means you are in the correct device mode, that your batteries are installed correctly, and your remote is functioning properly.  
  • Now that it is confirmed that the remote itself is functioning, next check if the green light on the front center of the DVR flashes when the “0” button is pushed.   If the green light on the front panel flashes when the "0" button is pressed, this suggests that the DVR is receiving the command from the remote control. 
  • If the green light on the front center does not light up, it is possible that something is blocking or interfering with the remote signal.  Check to make sure nothing is blocking the path between the remote and the front of the DVR.  It is also possible that sunlight or a bright interior light is shining directly onto the front of the DVR, which stops the DVR from seeing the remote signal.  If direct light is shining on the front of the DVR, it may be necessary to reorient the DVR, or otherwise block the light from hitting the front of the DVR. 
  • If the DVR is still not responding to the remote, the next step would be to perform a reset on the DVR by unplugging the CM-7000PAL for approximately 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.  While the DVR begins to boot up, you should see the Channel Master loading screen appear on the screen.  If you do not see this screen, please check your wiring and input setting as this is a sign that the television is not receiving a video signal from the DVR.  If you are able to see this screen, it will take a few minutes for the DVR to boot back up and it is highly likely that the DVR will now respond to the remote.
  • If you have tried all of the above troubleshooting steps and your DVR will still not respond to the remote control, please contact Channel Master Technical support for help.
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