The Control Box Will not Light Up (CM-9521, CM-9537)

Unplug the power cord and plug back in.

Installation instructions for (CM-9521, CM-9537) Rotator system.
Prior to installing the system, connect the system with a short cable and familiarize your self with its operation. This can also be done if the system has already been installed.
Connect the controller to the rotator. The terminal numbers, 1, 2, 3, are printed on the circuit board of the rotator connector board and on the back of the controller.
Turn on the power to the controller.
Please press the sync button on the controller and let it complete the cycle. It should move or hum for about 1 minute. 
After that completes, input 000 with your remote. Once completed, this will have the rotator set up for facing North. 
Unplug the power from the controller for about 10 seconds. 
Plug the power back in to the Controller. It should immediately read out H60, HH1, and then 000. It will then turn off.

Now when you install the rotator, the Arrow on the top portion of the rotator should be facing north and the lower mast stop on the rear of the rotator base should point South. The rotator base should be on the North side of your lower mast.

Now you can mount your antenna to the upper mast and point it North. 
Note; the upper mast can be no longer than 3'. Shorter is recommended.

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