How tall is the 3' Tripod Mount (CM-3092)

The preassembled Tripod Mount is 3 feet tall.

What’s Included? 

Preassembled Tripod Mount

(6) 2” Lag screws

(3) Putty pads

Instruction manual

The CM-3092 3’ Tripod mount is used to hold a TV antenna mast and can be mounted on a flat surface or a roof peak.

The (3) 4.5”x 1.5” tripod feet will swivel to match the pitch of a roof or a flat surface. There are 3 holes in each foot to accommodate up to 5/16” lag bolts/Screws to securely fasten the mount in place.

The spread between the feet vary, depending upon which two legs you are measuring. The three dimensions, measuring from center hole to center hole are 30”, 31”, and 32”. This measurement will also vary, dependent upon which of the 3 holes you use.

The Putty Pads are to be used under the tripod feet when penetrating a surface where water seepage through that surface must be avoided. (Roofs)

Please keep in mind, that when you have a longer mast installed in this mount, you will need to be more diligent about how you secure the tripod to the mounting surface.

  • The size, number, and length of lag bolts/screws you use, along with the thickness of the material that you will be screwing into, will determine how stable the mount is.
  • A long mast will present more lateral leverage and stress to the mounting points of the Tripod Mount.
  • Larger antennas will have a higher wind load which presents more lateral force than a smaller antenna.
  • For larger antennas, and longer masts, it is advised to secure the base of the mast to the same mounting surface as the 3 tripod mount feet.
    • The Channel Master CM-3078 would be a good choice for this added stability.
    • This will create a third point of contact to the mast.
    • This will create a fourth mounting point for added stability.
  • When mounting a large antenna on a longer mast, you must consider using guy wires for added stability.
    • For more information about mounting antennas, go to
    • Select “Support” in the black banner across the top area of the web page.
    • Type “Antenna” in the search field for all articles about antennas.
    • Type "guy wire" in the search field for specific information about using guy wires.
    • If you are unsure of your installation you should consult with a professional installer.
  • Attach your antenna to the mast.
  • Attach your antenna cable to the antenna.
  • Fit your mast into the openings of the tripod mount.
    • Start to tighten the 6 bolts in the two rings so the mast remains in the center of the rings.
    • Check the mast for level and adjust the bolts to keep it vertically true.
    • Point the antenna in the desired direction.
    • Tighten the 6 bolts ¼ of a turn each until the mast is solid in the mount.
    • Now tighten the jam nuts to insure that the bolts remain at the final adjustment points.
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