How do I install the Y-Type Chimney Mount (CM9067)?

Installation instructions can be found here.  

Contents of Hardware bag

  • 4) ¼ - 20 Tri-Eyebolts
  • 4) ¼ -20 Hex Nuts
  • 8) Strap Clips
  • 2) Peak Arch 1 ½” U-Bolt Mast Clamps
  • 2) 12’ long, 5/8” wide, galvanized metal strapping. (Not in bag)
  • 2) Chimney Brackets. (Not in bag)


Installing a Chimney Mount


 A chimney mount installation is practical only if the chimney is sturdy and vertical.  Never mount an antenna on a deteriorated chimney.  During moderate to high winds, an un-guyed mast taller than 10 feet can exert enough leverage to break off an unstable chimney.  If you choose a chimney mount, use enough mast to place the antenna above most of the smoke and gases.  However, to avoid overstressing the chimney, do not mount the antenna more than 10 feet above the top of the chimney.  If the height of the antenna must exceed 10 feet to receive satisfactory signals, the mast must be properly guyed.  (The correct method of installing guy wires can be found at 

 Securing the chimney-mounted antenna and minimizing the stress on the chimney requires the mounting straps to be properly spaced.  The top strap should be placed as high up on the chimney as possible.  If the chimney has a crown or projecting cap, place the top strap directly under it.  The bottom strap should be placed 4 feet below the top strap.  If the chimney isn’t long enough to permit this, place the bottom strap as far down on the chimney as possible.  If the mast must be 10 feet above the chimney top, don’t use a chimney mount unless you can space the straps at least 30 inches apart.  For masts less than 10 feet above the chimney top, the straps should be spaced no less than 24 inches apart.


Assemble one end of each strap to one eyebolt.

NOTE; When handling the metal straps, be sure to wear protective gloves. The edge of the strap could cut skin if you slip and are applying sufficient pressure.   

  1. Install a Strap Clamp onto the end of the strapping.
    1. The crimp tabs should be towards that end of the strapping.
  2. Pull approximately 4” of the strapping through the eyebolt and fold it over on itself.
  3. Move the Strap Clamp so that both portions of the strap go through the same opening.
  4. Position the Strap Clamp so that approximately 1” of the folded portion of the strap is exposed past the Strap clamp.
  5. Fold that 1” of strapping back over the Strap Clamp and between the crimp tabs.
  6. Use a plier or screw driver to form the 1” strapping to conform to the shape of the Strap Clamp.
  7. Use a plier to bend the crimp tabs down across the end of the 1” folded back strapping to lock the Strap Clamp in place.
  8. Trim excess strapping if needed.
  9. Repeat for the other strap.



Installing the brackets;

  1. Install the threaded end of the Eyebolts into the appropriate hole in the Chimney Mount Brackets. (See figure B)
    1. Install a hex nut to the eyebolt, about ½” from the end of the eyebolt.
    2. This will leave you room to tighten/adjust the tension of the strapping later.
  2. Insert the 2nd eyebolt into the appropriate hole in the mounting bracket and secure with a hex nut threaded to about ½” of the end. (See figure B)
  3. Wrap the strap around the chimney to the corner where the mounting bracket is to be placed.
  4. Pull the remaining strapping through the 2nd eyebolt and pull it tight and fold the remaining strapping back towards itself.
  5. Cut the strapping so approximately 4” remain, folded back over itself.
  6. Pull the strapping back out of the eyebolt and install the Strap Clamp over the strapping.
  7. Follow the instructions for installing the strapping to the eyebolt as explained above.
  8. Begin to tighten the eyebolt hex nuts in preparation to permanently install the mount and straps.
    1. Be sure the straps are level, with no kinks or twists. 
    2. Line them up along the nearest course of bricks.  
    3. Straps should be centered on the bricks – not over the mortar joint. 
    4. Tighten it just enough to hold it in place.

Installing the mast;

  1. Install the U-Bolt Clamps loosely into the Brackets. (See Figure A)
  2. Insert the mast and tighten the U-Bolt Clamps so it cannot slip out.
  3. Tighten the eyebolt hex nuts so all 4 are in about the same distance from the ends of the eyebolt.
  4. Make sure the mast is vertical, then tighten the eyebolt hex nuts until the mast feels solid.
  5. Loosen the U-Bolt hex nuts and remove the mast.
  6. Mount the antenna onto the mast.
  7. Install the mast back into the brackets, point the antenna in the correct direction and tighten the U-Bolt clamps.
  8. Use zip ties to secure the antenna cable to the mast so it will not move in the wind.

Please see the diagrams link attached below to help you understand how to connect a preamp in your antenna system.    


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