What type of wiring or cable is used to Setup a Channel Master Internet-to-tv™ Powerline Adapter to my network (CM6100 CM6104)?

Existing home electrical wiring and Ethernet cables. 

CM6100 CM6104

CM6100 & CM6104 Powerline Ethernet Adaptors SETUP

1. Download and open the User Guide from this link below from our support.channelmaster.com Support page. 
a. http://support.channelmaster.com/hc/en-us/articles/200080829-CM-6100-Documents
b. You can also print that out.
2. Connect a Laptop, using an Ethernet cable, to the router to confirm network and internet connection is active/available and then remove the cable from the Laptop.
a. If successful, then you can proceed.
b. Make sure that the device was not connected using WIFI. 
3. Connect both Ethernet Adaptors (CM-6101 and/or CM-6104) to a multi outlet power strip. (Not yet plugged into wall power)
4. Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the CM6101 Ethernet jack. 
a. Call this “Device A”. 
5. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Laptop to the CM6104 (Or another CM6101) Ethernet jack.
a. Call this “Device B”.
6. Connect the power strip to wall outlet power, and turn the power strip ‘power switch’ on.
7. Press the “group” button on “Device B” for about 10 seconds, until all lights blink off/on and release the button. 
a. See pages 11 & 12 in the CM6101/CM6104 User Guide for button location. (Link is above.)
b. The “Group” button is located in different locations on the CM6101 compared to the CM6104.
8. Press the “Group” button on the CM6101/”Device A”, for 2-3 seconds and release.

a. That power light should start blinking. If not, repeat #8.
9. Within 60 seconds the 2 Ethernet Adaptors should connect.
10. You should see similar light patterns as described below when operating correctly.
a. The Power lights should be a steady green.
b. Middle light will normally blink to indicate communications and internet traffic once a device is connected.
c. The PLC Link light would normally be blinking green when traffic is detected.
d. Look at pages 11 and 12 in the user guide for additional light status indications.
11. Test the Ethernet on the laptop by connecting to the network and internet with your internet browser.
a. This will test both the network connection and the internet service.

12. If the lights are not indicating as described above, and your Laptop cannot connect;
a. Press the “Reset To Factory Default Button” for about a second.
b. Wait a few minutes to see if they do connect with each other.
c. If not, then repeat the steps above.
13. For troubleshooting help, see pages 24 and 28 in the user guide.


Now that the pair of PEA’s has been tested and confirmed to operate, you can unplug them and install them where you intend to use them.

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