What are some benefits of setting up a home network using Channel Master Internet-to-tv™ Powerline Adapters?

Most homes have more than one electrical outlet in each room. So, adding a network using electrical wall outlets is virtually effortless.

Installation of a home network using Powerline Adapters is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. Without the need to drill holes in walls or a ceiling and run new cable (like Ethernet or coax), users can easily set up a network and transmit data using their home's existing electrical wiring.  

A simple network can be made up of 2 Channel Master Powerline Adapters (CM-6100). By adding more Powerline Adapters (CM-6100) or a Powerline Switch (CM-6104), you can easily build a larger network across your home or small business.

By using Channel Master’s 4-port Switch Kit (CM-6104 with 1 Powerline Adapter and 1 Powerline Ethernet switch), you can connect up to 4 devices in one area. Adding more 4-port switches and/or Powerline Adapters is easily done.

When you’re wireless network doesn’t quite reach a device in your home, adding Powerline Adapters simply and reliably connects devices to your network.

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