What are some benefits of setting up a home network using Channel Master Internet-to-tv™ Coax Adapters?(CM6001 CM6004)

Most homes are wired with coaxial cable and have more than one coaxial service wall outlet. Even if only one outlet exists, it's usually located near your TV. So, adding a network using Coax Adapters is virtually effortless.  

Installation of a home network using Coax Adapters is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. By simply adding a Coax Adapter to their cable modem and one near other internet devices (like a TV, Blu-ray™ player, gaming console, or computer) users can easily set up a network and transmit data using their home's existing coax.

A simple network can be made up of 1 Channel Master Coax Adapter kit (2 each CM-6000 Coax Adapters). By adding more Coax Adapters, you can easily build a larger network across your home or small business.

By using Channel Master’s 4-port Switch (CM-6004) with 1 Coax Adapter kit (CM-6000), you can connect up to 4 devices in one area and one in a second area. Adding more 4-port Switches and/or Coax Adapters is easily done. Either model can be used as primary or auxiliary units.

When you’re wireless network doesn’t quite reach a device in your home, adding Coax Adapters and Coax Switches simply and reliably connects devices to your network.

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