Signal Lost Message on the TV Screen when Antenna is Connected to DVR+ (CM-7500)

Please ask your professional installer or qualified installation engineer check that the antenna is in good condition and have no visible signs of damage. Check that the cable(s) between the antenna and the DVR+ are properly connected. If you have an older antenna, we always recommend that your consult a professional installer or qualified installation engineer for any issues connected with antenna system setup.


If you see a No Signal message, you must confirm if it's from your TV or your DVR+ that is generating the message.

DVR+ Lost Antenna Signal Screen is Different than a No Signal screen generated by a TV.

If you see a No Signal on your TV screen, then it is not being generated by the DVR+.

The following describes the screen generated by the DVR+ if you lose antenna signal reception.

The top of the screen will show Signal Lost. Under that, you'll see a Circle with a yellow exclamation mark. Next to that circle you'll see this message "Unfortunately your device is receiving a weak or no signal. Please check that your receiver is properly connected to the antenna. You can still watch your recordings. Steaming services and internet channels (If activated) are still available with an internet connection."

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