Why don’t I have any TV Guide data? What happened to TV Guide On Screen?

TV Guide is owned by Rovi, and was available through local broadcasters as TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS), and it provided two weeks of programming information in advance.  The CM7000PAL uses this data for the program guide.  Unfortunately, Rovi has chosen to discontinue this service, and as their contracts with the local broadcasters expire, they are not renewing the contracts. 

“Rovi has relied on over-the-air traditional broadcast data service providers to deliver the data broadcast service. The agreements with these service providers are in the process of ending,” Rovi spokeswoman Linda Quach said in an email.

They plan to have all over the air sources of TV Guide information stopped by April 2013.  This is beyond the control of Channel Master. 

The CM7000PAL can still provide limited program guide information through what is called PSIP data (Program and System Information Protocol), which is provided by each local broadcaster.  The TV Guide function can be disabled in the CM7000PAL once it is no longer available in your area, and the CM7000PAL will then continue to provide limited program guide information through the PSIP data provided by each local TV station.  Unfortunately, not all TV stations provide this data, or keep it updated on a regular basis, so the guide listing may say “No Information Available”, or the data may not be accurate.  The PSIP data is entirely controlled by the local TV station, so any questions on missing or incorrect information should be directed to them.

The TV Guide function can be disabled in the CM7000PAL by using the following steps on the remote control:

Menu>Preferences>Guide Display, then select “TV Guide” with the left and right arrow keys, and press the Down arrow to change it to “Disabled”. 

Your CM7000PAL is now set to display available PSIP data.

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